Name: Luther Saison 2
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He lives just around the corner. He placed emphasis on the importance of education. Do you have anything to declare? I must have lost it. You must read between the lines. No, this is the first time. Drive safely. Dr. White acted as our interpreter. English is quite often the language of choice when speaking to an international audience. She admires John for his courage.
Luther Saison 2: - She advised him to stop working so much.
- She did not say anything.
- I'm about to tell you the answer.
- I had a strange dream last night.
- She is in need of help.
- I can't keep doing this.
- Suddenly all the lights went out.
- Behave yourself, otherwise I will neck you out.
- She's two years younger than him.
- Do you need to buy stamps?
They accused him of stealing the bicycle. I'd rather be a bird than a fish. Do you often hear from him? The ancient Greeks knew as much about the solar system as we do. Did you buy a round trip ticket? You are wanted on the phone. I'd like to reserve a seat. I heard that she came here. They live in this town. She scolded him for being late.

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