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I will show you around the city. If you were to win the lottery, what would you buy with the money? I come from Australia. I'm leaving for Canada tomorrow. The flower pot crashed to the sidewalk. We had a birthday party for the old lady. Tom has been talking on the phone for an hour. Are you seriously thinking about quitting your job? I like their pictures. We have exams right after summer vacation.
Pinball Para Pc: - How far is it from here?
- She knit him a sweater.
- Let's study English.
- He's away on business.
- There is a hole in his sock.
- It is very congested here.
- It's too small.
- Come here quickly.
- I called her office, but no one answered.
- We traveled in South America.
They speak Spanish in Mexico. Hi Rachel! She pressured him to quit his job. She goes to the movies once a week. Do you have a fever? You shouldn't eat anything cold. A few days' rest will do you good. I caught a beautiful butterfly. They caught him stealing. I asked you not to go there. Did you listen to me?

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