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I know your brother very well. She said something to him. It's none of my business! Could I borrow a pencil? I'm taking tomorrow afternoon off. How long have you been in America? He is a man of action. Do you feel any pain in your stomach? I always drink two cups of coffee in the morning. She wanted him to sing her a song.
Medabots Gba: - I can't get along with the neighbors any more.
- Does the boy arise?
- Ask him not to go there.
- I told him to come.
- A heavy snowstorm kept us from going out.
- It may rain tomorrow.
- I think it's time for me to turn off the TV.
- Sir, could I park my scooter here?
- Where did you have the suit made?
- What does Stephanie study?
Tom stopped to take a close look at the car. She handed him a book. He is afraid of his father. I see. Who's your favorite singer? I want a few empty glasses. There was a call from Vasanthi. She said that her mother-in-law had come, so she would not be coming to temple tomorrow. Did Tom help his mother yesterday? Shall I ask them to wait? She wasn't polite to him. I can't figure out what she really wants.

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